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Are you overpaying for processing?

Are You Overpaying For Processing

If you are paying more than a penny per gram to make your THC distillate or broad-spectrum distillate all the way from flower you may be using the wrong process. Recently PURE5™ introduced in 2020 its 3 in 1 DEA hemp compliant process for extraction, THC remediation and distillation. The operational cost (OpEx) of running […]

CBD Extraction Types

a jar with CBD oil on a table and a chemical formula next to it

Types of extraction Due to its possible therapeutic advantages, the cannabis plant chemical cannabidiol (CBD) has gained prominence recently. As a result, as more and more individuals consider CBD as a viable therapeutic option for a variety of diseases, the CBD extraction industry has been expanding quickly. There are a few different methods used to […]

Is CBD color an indicator of quality?

Is CBD color an indicator of quality?

CBD is everywhere. Over the past few years, hundreds of farms in the US have started growing hemp for CBD and a lot of CBD brands have also emerged from this fact. Due to its exceptional popularity you can find countless CBD products that will all vary in quality, appearance, aroma and consistency. So what […]