The future of cannabis extraction.

PURE5™ is the most innovative extraction company.

About PURE5™ Extraction

PURE5™ is the most innovative cannabis & hemp extraction equipment company. With our superior technology and unique approach to extracting botanicals with minimal degradation to the natural constituents, we have set a new level of standards in the cannabis industry. Our gentle extraction process does not stress the material with extreme temperature or exposes it to harmful solvents that denature the natural plant values. We provide you the natural plant vitality in the most unaltered form.

Our process gets its name from its superiority in all five senses. From the moment you hear how quiet the process is to the moment you see, smell, touch and taste the final product, the PURE5™ process delivers purity in all five senses.

a simple 5 way graphic ilustrating the 5 pure senses that our cannabis extraction equipment can bring
a woman is smelling a branch of hemp that will be processed in our industrial factory

What Makes Our Technology Superior?

We summed up COMERG’S PURE5™ devices superiority in 3 simple words: safer, faster & cheaper. That’s a lot to live up to, but our machines can deliver a more efficient process for your company and superior end products at a fraction of the cost compared to running C02, butane, propane or ethanol.

The Best Way to
Extract Cannabis.