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20L MAX LPE Hemp Extraction Equipment

20L MAX LPE Extraction System

  • Volume: 2x10L vessel holds up to 2-4 lb of dry material
  • Pressure: Maximum operating pressure 16 bar
  • Temperature: Max 60°C/140F
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Vessel: interior is polished to food grade level
  • Closure: ASME flange, both ends
  • Sealing: Flanges with PTFE flat seals
  • Temperature measurement: Pt100 sensors
  • Jacket volume: 10 liters (5.13 gallons)
  • Safety: spring loaded safety relief valve
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Maximum Solvent Content: 32 Kg
  • Separator: Jacketed separator/collection vessel
  • Volume: 10 Liter
  • Pressure: Maximum pressure 10 bar
  • Temperature: max 60°C (140°F)
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel
  • Sealing: Flanges with PTFE flat seals
  • Safety: Spring loaded safety release valve
  • Flow path: Continuous/batch gravitational path
  • Construction: Refrigeration unit
  • Materials: All 304 stainless steel
  • Cooling/Heating: R134a refrigerant
  • Refrigeration: heat pumping
  • Temperature range: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 158°F)
  • Maximum refrigerant content: 2 kg
  • Flow Rate (max): 13.9 L/min
  • Temperature range: -46°C to 177°C
  • System Pressure (max): 103 bar
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power: 4kW
  • Plug: 4-way 50A outlet
  • Height: 1550 mm
  • Length: 1420 mm
  • Width: 780 mm
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Weight: apr. 550 kg
  • Functions: Fully automatic programmable Logic Controller (PLC) touch screen interface with first level safety functionality and user programmable pressure, temperature, and time.
  • Safety: Pressure transducers monitor system pressure and shut down system to prevent accidental over-pressurization/safety valves.

Experience the pinnacle of botanical extraction technology with the 20L MAX LPE Extraction System by PURE5™. This state-of-the-art cannabis extraction equipment is meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled efficiency, precision, and quality, elevating your extraction operations to new heights. The heart of this system lies in its Extraction Vessel, featuring two 10L vessels made from high-grade stainless steel. With a polished food-grade interior, the vessel ensures optimal purity and durability, creating the perfect conditions for extracting the natural compounds from your botanicals.

Enhancing the extraction process is the Solvent Receiver, designed with a horizontal orientation and a remarkable capacity of up to 32 Kg. Additionally, the Separator/Collection Vessel, constructed from premium 304/316 stainless steel, facilitates efficient separation and collection of your valuable extracts. With its user-friendly touch screen interface and programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the system grants you complete control over crucial parameters such as pressure, temperature, and time. This precise extraction customization ensures that you unleash the full potential of your botanical materials. Safety is paramount, thanks to integrated pressure transducers and safety valves that protect against over-pressurization.

Unleash the full potential of your botanical materials with the 20L MAX LPE Extraction System. Embrace the cutting-edge technology that guarantees unrivaled efficiency, exceptional quality, and a new era of extraction excellence. Contact us today to revolutionize your extraction processes with this advanced cannabis extractor.

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