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Remediation Equipment

The Remediation Systems are multifunctional units to remediate Mold in one mode and THC in another. For THC remediation they are using a dynamic combination of modest heat and pressure to make a THC Free CBD or CBG Oil. The remediation process is simple and reliable with no solvent. PURE5™ Extraction ergonomic design makes loading the reactor and unloading as fast and trouble free as possible.

Mold & Yeast Remediation Reactors

Ozone chamber decontamination has a history of use in agriculture to help keep the food supply safe. Ozone is highly effective in reducing the levels of yeast and mold to meet state standards. Ozone gas (O3) is a highly reactive oxidizing molecule, meaning it is harmful to all living cells if over exposed. It destroys the microbe cell wall, which enables the ozone to destroy all of the cell’s components: enzymes, proteins, DNA, and RNA. An ozone chamber generates its ozone gas as needed in a fully automated sealed chamber. 

Once placed in the chamber and sealed in, the cannabis will be exposed to ozone flow, and the microbes on the surface will be killed. Any ozone not consumed by the disinfection process is deactivated by the system before the door can be opened. This method greatly reduces the number of microbes. Ozone chamber decontamination has been demonstrated to be effective against the full range of microorganisms. As a side effect it may also cause some of the cannabinoids to oxidize.

Such safe and easy to use ozone chambers are built and offered by PURE5 Extraction for flower and extract remediation while utilizing the seed to shelf PURE5 Extraction process the remediation reactors are universal equipment that mitigates any remaining mold and yeast before the extraction process. 

THC (D-9) Remediation Reactors

After the extraction of state compliant hemp the cannabinoid profile is concentrated above the THC legal limits and needs to be put in compliance. National and international limits for THC in the hemp field range from 0% to 4% around the world. The most oils on the market after extraction concentrate the THC in the 3% to 5% range. Higher THC levels than permitted results in product cease, destruction, fines, license cease, or even imprisonment.

The existing THC remediation technologies today use toxic solvents and expensive chromatography equipment and require highly skilled personnel. The post processing is slow, complicated and needs to be performed very precisely in order to remove those solvents and regularly change the silica in the column used which result in high processing costs per gram of clean CBD oil. Beside the complicated process these THC remediation methods have a loss of more than 20% which is also a problem.

PURE5™ Extraction has developed a solution to organically remove THC in a fully natural, solvent-free, and cost-effective way. The THC remediation equipment is fully automated and requires no expertise to operate. The PURE5™ solution uses accelerated natural breakdown of THC into other cannabinoids while maintaining overall cannabinoid potency and not harming the rest of the cannabis ingredients.