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THC Remediation Equipment:

Nowadays, every business needs THC remediation equipment to maintain compliance with THC regulations in CBD and hemp derivatives.

Most CBD and hemp products on the market today have as high THC levels as allowed by the 2018 Farm Bill.

National and international limits for THC range from 0% to 1%. But most products on the market after extraction produce THC in the 3% to 5% range.

Higher THC levels than permitted usually result in product cease, destruction, fines, or even imprisonment.

Most existing THC remediation technologies on the market today use toxic solvents and expensive chromatography equipment and require highly skilled personnel. On the other hand, the postprocessing is meticulous to remove those solvents and regular change the silica in the column used which result in high processing costs per gram of clean CBD. All these THC remediation methods offer a less-than-optimal remediation process to secure a compliant distillate end product with loses of 10-20%.

The main problem with the removal of THC from products using existing technology is that each method introduces toxic solvents that oxidize, spoil, reduce, or destroy the purity of the extract, leaving a different color or odor. In addition, it is very expensive and requires the purchase of suitable cannabis equipment and consumptives, the cost of which starts at hundreds of thousands and can scale to millions.

Pure 5™ Solution:

Now PURE5™ has developed a solution to organically remove THC in all natural, solvent-free, and cost-effective way. Also, our cannabis remediation equipment is fully automated and requires no expertise to operate.

Our natural process for remediating THC is fully DEA-compliant. Rather than separating the components using conventional systems such as CPC, supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) or flash chromatography (FC) to separate THC, the PURE5™ solution involves the accelerated natural breakdown of THC into other cannabinoids while maintaining overall cannabinoid potency and not harming the rest of the cannabis ingredients.

This is the most natural way to remove THC from hemp extract today without using harmful solvents.

Currently, we have hemp extract remediation machines for sale that can process from 5L/day, 25L/day, 50L/day, 150L/day, up to 500L/day of crude oil – ideal for small to large-scale companies in the CBD market.

PURE5 cannabis remediation systems feature:

  • Non-pressurized low temperature process

  • food-grade 304 or pharma 316 stainless steel.

  • Compressed air flow temperature range: 20°C – 60°C.

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface for a fully automatic production.

  • 3 preset operation modes: manual, auto and with boost.

  • Automatic safety shutdown features to guarantee safety.

Hemp/Cannabis Remediator

Ideal for small commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Remediator

Ideal for midsized commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Remediator

Ideal for midsized to large commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Remediator

Ideal for large commercial production.

Why Partner with PURE5

PURE5 cannabis extraction equipment is designed to provide superior performance and quality for the cannabis industry. Our reliable and efficient machines optimize processing, reduce waste, and ensure consistently high-quality products in a single run.

From advanced drying systems to specialized sifting technology, PURE5 offers a complete solution for your hemp extract needs.

In addition, we offer set of post processing systems as distillation, THC remediation, vacuum ovens and low-cost Lab testing equipment.

Here's why customers love PURE5™:

  • PURE5™ specializes in cannabis and hemp extraction and lab equipment.

  • Our patented technology and approach to extraction preserve the natural constituents of the botanicals without causing degradation.

  • We have set a new standard in the cannabis industry with our natural extraction process.

  • Our process is gentle and avoids extreme temperatures or harmful solvents.

  • We extract the natural vitality of the plant in its purest form preserving all terpenes and cannabinoids.

  • PURE5™ extraction devices are safer, faster, cheaper, and produce superior end products compared to CO2, butane, propane, or ethanol extraction processes.

Get better, faster, and lower-cost results with PURE5™!