THC Remediation Equipment:

The majority of CBD and hemp products on the market today have higher THC levels than allowed by the 2018 Farm Bill.

National and international limits for THC percentage range from 0% to 0.3%, but the majority of products on the market list this figure in the 80% or higher range.

This can result in confiscation, product destruction orders, fines, or even imprisonment.

Existing THC removal or reduction to compliance solutions on the market today use toxic solvents, are very expensive to operate, and require highly skilled personnel. All these methods are collectively called chromatography. Removal of THC from products using existing technology is also called THC remediation.

The main problems with this is that each method introduces toxic solvents that spoil, reduce or destroy the purity of the extract, leaving a different color or odor. In addition, it is very expensive and requires the purchase of suitable cannabis equipment. The cost of the sale starts at hundreds of thousands and can scale to millions.

Pure 5™ Solution:

Now Pure 5™ developed a solution to organically remove THC in a natural, solvent-free and cost-effective way. The solution is completely natural and requires no expertise to operate the equipment. This process naturally runs THC remediation, which is fully DEA compliant, rather than separating the components like most known chromatographic techniques. This involves the natural breakdown of THC into other cannabinoids while maintaining overall cannabinoid potency and not harming the rest of the cannabis ingredients.

This is the most natural way to remove THC today without the use of harmful solvents. Currently, we already have a working hemp remediation machines for sale that can process 5L/day, 25L/day, 50L/day, and 150L/day. Contact us to find out which one fits you best:

Hemp/Cannabis Remediator

Ideal for small commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Remediator

Ideal for midsized commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Remediator

Ideal for midsized to large commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Remediator

Ideal for large commercial production.