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Equipment and Products

We at PURE5™ Extraction strive to be the most innovative cannabis & hemp processing company on the market. Our superior technology of extracting hemp botanicals with minimal degradation have set a new higher level of standards in the cannabis industry.

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Banner of 20 litre max lpe r134a extraction machine

R134a extraction equipment. R134a Extraction is performed at room temperature conditions making the extraction process neutral to the plant full spectrum oil. The full terpene profile is then collected without degradation of components and is easily separated from the solvent.

Banner of ETOH Cannabis Extraction System that PURE5 Company Manufactures

ETOH Extraction Systems: ETOH is used in fine liquor distillation. It is done by soaking raw cannabis in ethanol to pull out a solvent and the cannabis is then removed. The extraction process is used to filter out alcohol content from extracted material. PURE5™ provides high quality ETOH equipment at low prices.

Banner with One of PURE5™ Botanical Lab Equipment Systems

Pure5™ provides efficient and high quality lab equipment including: film distillation equipment with stainless steel molecular distillation solutions; professional vacuum industrial ovens; ASME-certified stainless steel crystallization reactors and Gas chromatography equipment.

Mold and THC Remediator Machine with Cannabis Leaves on the Background

The Mold& THC Remediation Systems use a dynamic combination of vacuum, heat and pressure to make a THC Free CBD oil or CBG Oil. The remediation process uses zero solvent. PURE 5's  ergonomic design makes loading the reactor and unloading as fast and trouble free as possible.