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Ethanol Cannabis Extraction Equipment & Systems

PURE5™ is your partner in ethanol extraction lab equipment. We don’t just supply equipment – we work with you to build your brand, grow your business, and achieve your vision.

Our top-quality ethanol extraction systems are designed to help you create innovative and high-quality products. As a fellow entrepreneur, we understand your needs and are committed to supporting your success.

PURE5™ 1500L Ethanol Extraction Equipment

ETOH extraction machine for cannabidiol & hemp processing
  • Construction: Feeding, Extraction and Recovery Screw
  • Pressure: Maximum operating pressure 1.6 bar 
  • Temperature: min 40C (40F) 
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel 
  • Vessel: interior is polished to food grade level 
  • Closures: ASME quick disconnect 
  • Sealing: PTFE flat seals 
  • Temperature measurement: Pt100 sensors 
  • Jacket volume: 1,500 Liters (396 gallons) 
  • Safety: safety relief valve
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Pressure: Maximum Pressure 1 bar
  • Maximum Solvent Content: 800 kg/h
  • Separator: Jacketed separator/collection vessel 
  • Volume: 2 x 500 Liter 
  • Pressure: Maximum pressure 1 bar
  • Temperature: max 90C (194F) 
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel 
  • Closures: FDA sanitary style bolted
  • Sealing: PTFE flat seals 
  • Safety: safety relief valve 
  • Construction: Plate type and shell & tube type
  • Materials: all 304 stainless steel
  • Refrigeration: heat pumping
  • Temperature range: -40°C to -35°C (-40°F to -31°F)
  • Maximum solvent content: 800 kg
  • Height: 3,550mm 
  • Length: 19,500mm 
  • Width: 7,900 mm 
  • Total weight: app. 15,500 kg
  • Voltage: 3 Phase 480V
  • Power: 500kW
  • Plug: Split wires
  • Functions: Fully automatic programmable Logic Controller (PLC) touch screen interface with first level safety functionality and user programmable pressure, temperature, and time.

Benefits of PURE5™ Ethanol THC Extraction Equipment

With PURE5™ Ethanol extraction equipment, you benefit from

  • a relatively quick, effective, fully automated, and inexpensive process,

  • a highly concentrated extract, making it more potent than extraction by other equipment,

  • a safely build extraction system, that can be safely used in food or medical applications,

  • an eco-friendly extraction method.

Ethanol extraction is popular for hemp and cannabis extraction because the equipment is relatively inexpensive, efficient, and yields a high-cannabinoid concentrated product.

Ethanol is ideal for those looking to produce high-potency extracts, such as CBD or THC distillate, isolate or crude.

Ethanol extraction equipment is also a preferred method for quality control in the cannabis industry, as it can produce a wide variety of products at large-scale volumes with precise levels of cannabinoids, and other semi polar compounds.

It also allows for quick turnarounds, making it an attractive choice for producers.

Closed-loop ethanol extraction equipment

  • Food-grade 304 or 316 pharma stainless steel vessels

  • From 20 to 1000 liter capacity.

  • Max Solvent Content: 800 kg/hour

  • Touch screen PLC interface, fully automatic and programmable pressure, temperature, and time.

  • First-level safety functionality.

Why Partner with PURE5™

PURE5™ is a company that specializes in extracting cannabis and hemp using advanced technologies that preserves the natural plant constituents.

Our gentle extraction process ensures that the plant is not exposed to extreme temperatures or harmful solvents that can damage its natural values.

We provide natural plant vitality in its unaltered form, setting new standards in the cannabis industry.

Our PURE5™ devices are superior because they are safer, faster, and cheaper than C02, butane, or propane extraction techniques.

Our machines can make your company’s process more efficient and produce superior end products at a fraction of the cost.

More Information on Ethanol (EtOH) Extraction, and How Does It Work?

Ethanol (EtOH) solvent extraction is an efficient, clean, and safe method used for the optimal extraction of cannabinoids from the cannabis plants without sacrificing efficiency.

It utilizes pure ethanol as a solvent to break down the cannabis biomass material and separate the desired compounds from unwanted materials.

The process begins by soaking the plant at cold temperature in ethyl alcohol, which allows the desired molecules to dissolve in the ethanol. 

The mixture is then centrifuged, filtered and heated for removing solvent and any impurities and fully evaporating the ethanol from the extract. 

Finally, the remaining solution is cooled down, resulting in a concentrated extract that contains all the desired cannabinoids from the original plant material.

Ethanol Extraction vs. Hydrocarbon Extraction

Ethanol is much safer than hydrocarbons and other solvents. Compared to hydrocarbon systems, ethanol is safer to operate with because it is not explosive and less toxic.

In addition, it can provide complete extraction of various compounds from the cannabis plant, which is why it has become so popular for CBD and THC. Ethanol-extracted products tend to have a higher level of cannabinoids.

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