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We manufacture the best extraction equipment for the cannabis industry

About PURE5™ Extraction

PURE5™ is the most innovative cannabis & hemp processing equipment company. With our superior extraction equipment and unique approach to extracting botanicals with minimal degradation to the natural ingredients, we have set the bar for a new level of quality in the extraction industry.

What Makes Our Extraction Equipment Superior?

To sum up COMERG’S PURE5™ devices superiority in 3 simple words:
Safe, Fast & Efficient.

Our Extraction Systems deliver a high terpene and more strain specific end product at a fraction of the cost compared to running C02, Hydrocarbons or Ethanol


PURE5™ is the most innovative botanical extraction equipment company with focus on cannabis & hemp. Our superior technology is gently extracting botanicals and delivering full natural potency have set a new higher level of standards in the cannabis industry.

R134a Extraction Systems (LPE)

LPE Extraction Systems

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LPE Extraction is prefect for extraction the fine oil fraction of every botanical. It is performed at low pressure and room temperature making the extraction process gentle to the flower and delivering naturally potent full spectrum oil. The complete terpene profile is collected without degradation of components.​

Ethanol Extraction Systems (EtOH)

1500L Ethanol Extraction System

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Ethanol is universal solvent with power in resin and alkaloid extraction. We pair the R134a and EtOH extraction to extract any plant. Our large EtOH extraction is a continues plant extraction that feeds the material continuously via a conveyor into the vessel and delivers a consistent output of purified oil.​

Lab Equipment

Post Processing & Test Lab Equipment Systems

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PURE5™ provides own build, high quality lab equipment including: stainless steel molecular distillation systems, various sizes of vacuum industrial ovens, THC remediation equipment, stainless steel isomerization and crystallization reactors and Gas chromatography equipment.​

THC Remediation Systems

THC Remediation Equipment

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Our patented THC Remediation technology uses dynamic combination of gas, low heat and low pressure to isomerize THC into other cannabinoids as CBD, CBN, D8 or D10. The remediation process uses no solvent and is fully organic. The system is fully automated and extremely easy to use.​

Get better, faster and lower cost results with PURE5™!


The Best Way to
Extract Hemp & Cannabis.

Why Choose Our
Technology Over CO2.

PURE5’s Low Pressure Extraction Equipment is a game-changer for the cannabis industry because it can produce higher yields than CO2 technology in a fraction of the time, while costing significantly less to buy and operate compared to CO2 machines.”

 – Chief Executive Officer, George Stantchev, PhD

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