Safer, Faster & Cheaper Extraction

We manufacture the best extraction equipment for cannabis & hemp.

About PURE5™ Extraction

PURE5™ is the most innovative cannabis & hemp processing company. With our superior extraction equipment and unique approach to extracting botanicals with minimal degradation to the natural constituents, we have set a new level of standards in the cannabis industry.

What Makes Our Extraction Equipment Superior?

We summed up COMERG’S PURE5™ devices superiority in 3 simple words: safer, faster & cheaper. That’s a lot to live up to, but our machines can deliver a better process for your company and superior end products at a fraction of the cost compared to running C02, butane, propane or ethanol.

Hemp/Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Ideal for small to midsized commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Extractor

Ideal for mid or large sized commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Extractor

Ideal for midsized to large commercial production.

THC Removal

Ideal for midsized to large commercial production.

Hemp/Cannabis Extractor

Ideal for large commercial production.
Custom Assembly

The Best Way to
Extract Hemp & Cannabis.

More Products & Services

Hire us to make clear whole plant concentrates with your material. Use our remediation service to remove THC from your extract turning it into Zero-THC CBD distillate oil. In addition, you can choose from a selection of compliant concentrates ranging from distillate to live resin.

Why Choose Our
Technology Over CO2.

PURE5’s Low Pressure Extraction Equipment is a game-changer for the cannabis industry because it can produce higher yields than CO2 technology in a fraction of the time, while costing significantly less to buy and operate compared to CO2 machines.”

 – Chief Executive Officer, George Stantchev, PhD

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