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Cannabis Distillation Equipment

With PURE5™ Cannabis Distillation Machines, you can transform your cannabis extraction and make it faster, safer, and more efficient. Our distillation machines provide superior processing, allowing you to get the highest quality end products at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods.

Transform Your Cannabis Extraction with a PURE5™ Thin Film Distillation System

PURE5™ is the most innovative cannabis extraction company. We’ve combined our superior technologies and know-how to develop the most efficient and cost-effective cannabis distillation systems. Are you looking for a more advanced method of extraction paired with the state-of-the-art distillation? If yes, PURE5™ has the perfect solution for you.

In addition to high-quality distillation, our systems can produce exceptional naturally pure Live Resin and Hash Resin™ concentrates for edibles and vape cartridges.

The distillation system can also produce small batches, allowing for more precise control over the distillation process. By utilizing a top-of-the-line distillation system, cannabis extractors can easily create high-quality products safely and effectively.

The 6" SS Wipe Film Distillation System

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Stainless Steel Wipe Film Cannabis / CBD Distillation Equipment

  • Wipe film distillation is a reliable way to produce high quality naturally pure cannabis oils.
  • It can also be used for fractional distillation, allowing the distiller to separate and purify different compounds in the cannabis concentrated oil.
  • The stainless-steel construction of wipe film equipment makes it easy to clean, durable, and able to withstand high temperatures.
  • Its non-reactive surface prevents contamination from other materials, making it ideal for cannabis oil distillation in GMP environment.

The 6" GL Wipe Film Distillation system

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Glass Wipe Film Cannabis / CBD Distillation Equipment

  • Glass wipe film distillation is an excellent choice for making high-purity cannabis oil.
  • It offers a longer residence time, keeping the temperature constant, leading to a higher-quality product and precise separation.
  • The glass is easy to maintain and clean, making it suitable for long-term use and preventing contamination from the previous batch.
  • Glass wipe film distillation systems are also more energy efficient than other types of distillers, saving on both electricity and fuel costs.
  • With modern advancements in glass technology, these systems are becoming increasingly popular and more widely used in the hemp industry.
The 6″ Wipe Film Distillation system is an ideal solution for cannabis extractors looking to maximize the quality and purity of their final product. It offers a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution that can quickly and accurately distill cannabis oil.

Key Features & Benefits


  • Efficient Evaporation: The 6″ SS Wipe Film Distillation and 6″ GL Wipe Film Distillation Systems feature high-velocity evaporators with an effective evaporation area of 0.25 m2, which allows for fast and precise distillation.
  • Advanced Vacuum Pumps: These devices have an ultimate vacuum degree of ≤ 1.0 Pa, ensuring complete separation of the desired components and minimizing the risk of unwanted compounds or impurities.
  • User-Friendly Design: Our cannabis distillation systems feature a 5L manual feeding system and a ball valve discharge system, making it easy for operators to control and adjust during continuous operation.



  • Increased Productivity: Wipe film distillation systems can offer higher throughput rates and faster processing times compared to other types of distillation equipment, such as short path distillation or fractional distillation. The efficient evaporation area and advanced vacuum technology of the wiped film evaporator can maximize throughput and increase productivity, resulting in faster distillation times and higher yields.
  • High purity: Wipe film distillation systems can produce higher purity cannabis extracts compared to other types of distillation equipment such as short path distillation or fractional distillation. This is due to the lower running temperatures, faster evaporation, high surface area and efficient heat transfer of the thin film in the wiped film evaporator, which can help prevent thermal degradation and produce a higher quality product.
  • Safer and Cleaner Distillation: Wipe film distillation systems can offer a safer and cleaner distillation process compared to other types of distillation equipment, such as boiling flask short path distillation, which may require the use of high temperatures that overburn and oxidize the fractions. Wipe film distillation eliminates the need for high temperatures in the boiling flask and results in a pure and high-quality end product, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly option.
  • Cost-Effective: Wipe film distillation systems can offer a cost-effective solution for distillation compared to other types of equipment, such as molecular distillation or short path distillation. Wipe film distillation equipment can deliver superior end products at a fraction of the cost of other types of equipment, resulting in lower operating costs and higher profit margins.
  • Efficiency: Wipe film distillation systems are typically more efficient than other types of distillation equipment, such as rotary evaporators or boiling flask distillation. This is due to the lower temperatures, high throughput rates and efficient heat transfer of the wiped film evaporator, which can reduce processing times and energy consumption.

How Do Cannabis & THC Distillation Equipment Work?

  1. The cannabis oil is loaded into the feeding chamber and pre-heated to a specified low temperature. This heat causes the THC, CBD, and other high boiling point compounds to melt and be fed easily to the falling film flask.
  2. The thin film flask has 4 blades that spread the oil in an ultra-thin film along the evaporator which causes the oils to efficiently evaporate. The wiped film has a series of blades, allowing the oil to spread evenly around the evaporator wall.
  3. The vapors then are cooled down and collected in a flask, which helps to separate and purify the compounds. The vapors are separated into 4 fractions: terpenes, distillate, oil residue and solvent residue if the oil comes from a solvent extraction.
  4. Finally, the purified compounds are collected in 4 receiving flasks where they can be stored for later use. The wiped film distillation process yields a pure, potent concentrate free from impurities, allowing for optimal effects and efficacy when consumed.

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