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PURE5™ is one of the most innovative technology companies that develops & manufactures extraction equipment and systems for pre and post processing for the Biochemical industry with focus on hemp cannabis industry in order to build new and value-added byproducts.

We work with many large scale producers and experts in both local and state level code compliance. Our expertise covers a wide range of competencies including ASME, UL, International Fire Code, Botanical product extraction and distillation.

We support our customer success through safety, innovation, service, and quality control.

PURE5™ has USA and Europe operations and provides service to two different continents.

Whereas PURE5™ US is more focused on the marketing and service, PURE5™ EU concentrates on research, development and manufacturing.

PURE5™ extraction equipment

UL Listed / American Society of Mechanical Engineers Member

Design & Engeneering

We make 3 dimensional concepts into any process system. We begin every project with an open- minded and flexible approach to meet your needs.

PURE5™ provides customized and highly efficient extraction and processing solutions which are designed to meet the market specifications and standards. We as PURE5™ provide the best support from the start till the end of the project via conceptual design, process design, engineering work, procurement, installation, commissioning and finally starting up. We also involve and deal with our customers site planning, blue printing, fire safety engineering and local fire marshal compliance as well.

PURE5™ Design & Engeneering

PURE5™ experienced professionals manage the design & engineering process to reveal ideal facilities for its esteemed customers.

  • Professional site planning
  • Lab design
  • Engineering compliance documentation
  • Engineer field verification
  • Standard operational procedures
  • Basic equipment installation and pre-site checklist

Installation & Training

All the PURE5™ equipment we manufacture is designed for easy assembly.

By the time of plant installation, efficiency is maximized and the job is done right the first time.

We deliver and install the equipment to our clients, we make all the proper connections and perform onsite testing in a timely manner. Our experienced operation teams have worked in many different environments and spaces. We bring our sophisticated processing equipment installation experience to your facility. That way, your equipment is established safely and properly.

PURE5™ Installation & Training

Tech & Support

We can deliver the engineering support that you really need. Our team acts as a resource for answers to all your questions.

We can troubleshoot machining difficulties, recommend process improvements, and help you by adding new parts to your existing equipment. We can show you the capabilities of your process & equipment control and help you leverage its power with compatible optional software.

Service and Maintenance

If you have a process system modification or repairs, PURE5™ has the expertise to complete your project on time and planned budget. We, at PURE5™ are providing numerous preventive maintenance services. These maintenance services are available for annual contracts, peak periods and special projects.

Here are the points that we take care of for providing the best service & maintenance:

  • General concept and product consulting
  • Lab workflow
  • Compliance verification
  • Factory acceptance training

PURE5™ Service and Maintenance

PURE5™ can support you on:

  • Installation every kind of process equipments, power systems, automation infrastructures and all the required auxiliary equipments that has been manufactured or procured by our team Removal of old vessels and equipments that are used for the processing
  • Reinstallation of used tanks or used equipments that are requested by the clients
  • Skid Installation/Startup
  • Anywhere in Continental US and EU
  • Minimal Downtime, High Safety Ratings


PURE5TM designs and manufactures state of-the-art oil extraction equipment and process systems. Our manufacturing facility is well-equipped with calibrated test equipment which ensures delivering trustable and high-performance products for our customers.


We make any process into a 3 dimension production system. We begin every project with an open minded and flexible approach to meet your needs.


All the equipment that we manufacture are all for easy-assembly. By the time of plant installation, efficiency is maximized and the job is done right the first time.


We can deliver the engineering support that you really need. Our team acts as a resource for answers to all your questions.

PURE5™ Installation & Training
PURE5™ Service and Maintenance

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