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a drop of cannabis distillated oil presentedWelcome to the Distillation category on our website, where we explore making cannabis extracts purer. Whether you call it marijuana distillation, weed distillation, or cannabis fractionation, the aim is the same: getting the good stuff out of the plant. PURE5™ offers different distillation units for processing cannabis, so everyone can get top-notch extracts.

In this section, you’ll find info on cannabis distillation techniques, equipment, and uses. From learning how hemp distillation works to checking out the newest industrial distillation gadgets, our blog has it covered. Whether you’re new to this or a pro looking for tips, our blog has something for you. Come along as we dive into cannabis distillation, where science and skill come together to make awesome extracts.

Pure THC distillate pouring from a tube explaining the art of refining cannabis extract

The Art of THC Distillation

A Comprehensive Guide THC distillation is a process that separates the various components of a cannabis extract into separate, purified compounds. By refining THC to

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