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CO2 Extraction

CO2 extracted resin in a factoryWelcome to the CO2 Extraction category, where we discuss a commonly used method for producing cannabis concentrates.

CO2 extraction, also referred to as supercritical fluid extraction, utilizes pressurized carbon dioxide to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plant material.

While widely used, this method has its drawbacks.

The high temperatures and pressures used in CO2 extraction can accidentally cause damage to terpenes and other valuable elements in the cannabis plant, potentially reducing the potency and health benefits of the resulting extracts.

Moreover, the process carries the risk of yielding lower quantities and producing extracts of potentially inferior quality. This is mainly due to its higher cost, complexity, and regulatory requirements, making it less favorable compared to alternative extraction methods.

At PURE5™, we delve into these complexities, offering insights into various extraction techniques, including our innovative solventless approach. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of CO2 Extraction and alternative methods, empowering readers to make well-informed decisions.

In summary, while CO2 extraction is widely utilized, it’s important to consider its limitations. Join us in this category as we navigate through these nuances and provide valuable insights to enhance your cannabis extraction endeavors.