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Increase Shelf Life with R134A Aerosol Extracts

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Dr. George Stantchev
Dr. George Stantchev

PHD, MBA, MSEE, Entrepreneur and CEO of most innovative extraction technology company.

Safeguarding the vitality and potency of cannabis extracts is of utmost importance to both consumers and producers. The traditional method of preservation, refrigeration, has been commonly used. However, a new challenger in the form of R134A cannabis extraction equipment has surfaced. This article seeks to probe deeper into the question: Is it necessary to refrigerate the prepared CBD extracts? We will also discuss the shelf stability of extracts procured using R134A method with those preserved using other conventional cooling practices, illuminating the intricate realm of extract conservation.

Significance of Extract Preservation

The necessity to maintain the quality and effectiveness of canna extracts is critical. These extracts contain full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes that enhance their medicinal and recreational attributes. Elements like light, heat, and oxygen exposure can cause these components to deteriorate, reducing the extract’s overall efficiency.

CBD degradation over time in different temperatures heatmap infographic and table
Figure 1: CBD degradation over time based on temperature
THC degradation over time in different temperature
Figure 2: THC degradation over time in various temperatures

Aerosol R134a Extraction Method

Let’s discuss the cannabis extraction with aerosol R134A , which has been gaining popularity in the market. The R134A conversion method stands out due to its solventless nature and a meticulously regulated process that ensures the preservation of extract integrity. This process ensures that sensitive cannabinoid and terpene characteristics are retained, and also ensures the optimum potency of the finished product. 

List of factors that determine CBD oil shelf life with badges and ilustrations
Factors that determine cannabis infused products shelf life

Aerosol R134a Extracts

The big differentiator of the aerosol R134a extraction equipment is its solventless quality. This distinctive characteristic guarantees the absence of harmful solvents during the extraction process, thereby yielding a better and more consistent extract. In order to preserve the chemical composition of the extract, R134A aerosol conversion also depends on carefully controlled low-temperature and low-pressure conditions. Under the proper conditions the process effectively upholds the freshness and therapeutic value of the extract. 

Implications of Refrigeration on Extracts

While refrigeration has earned its reputation as a dependable preservation approach, its impact on extracts is multifaceted. Refrigeration does indeed decelerate the process of degradation, yet its efficacy exhibits variations. Furthermore, concerns arise encompassing moisture absorption, crystallization, and the potential for degradation due to light or fluctuations in temperature. 

Within the realm of extract preservation, the revolutionary R134a aerosol equipment, a pioneering creation exclusively provided by PURE5™, has attracted considerable attention for its prowess in enhancing the freshness and quality of extracts. This advanced solution offers an alternative to traditional preservation techniques like refrigeration, sparking debates about the best strategy for preserving the purity of cannabis extracts.

Do the aerosol R134a extracts need refrigeration?

No, they do not. The R134A aerosol extraction method offered by PURE5™ elevates the antibacterial performance of the extracts and enhances shelf life. Indeed. The gentle process of PURE5™’s R134A pulling allows extracts to be stored at room temperature without compromising their quality. This distinguishes it from other type of extracts obtained by processes that destroy the active compounds in the extracts.

20L MAX R134A Unit in action.


PURE5™‘s R134A aerosol extraction and its solventless nature, controlled conditions, and tailored approach are superior in maintaining high potency and freshness, even without the need for refrigeration. The extracts obtained at room temperature are enzyme rich and have extra antioxidant and antibacterial powers that prolong the shelf life. Consumers and producers may make well-informed selections as they begin on the road of maximizing extract preservation by understanding the subtleties of both approaches.

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