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How do you create unique products for an elevated customer experience?

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Dr. George Stantchev
Dr. George Stantchev

PHD, MBA, MSEE, Entrepreneur and CEO of most innovative extraction technology company.

A Better Way of Applying Science in Medicine

What the Customer is Looking for?

Customer psychology is continually changing, mainly driven by the experience of tasting the best food, attending the most popular attractions, and remembering the places and rituals of the places visited. The food and beverage industry sets a standard for quality and ranking of the customer experience. Clean and natural products combined with proper presentation are winning high popularity and driving traffic to places that can offer them. 

The cannabis industry has passed the gold rush stage, where more widely accessible products have already surpassed. The consumer has been educated on the health advantages of cannabis and has experienced most of the products on the market. The customer is now searching for the best and most natural plant experience. New products that impacted that search are the live resin and bubble hash extract experiences. There are multiple varieties of flowers now that deliver various strain-specific flavors and medical benefits. 

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Cannabis Flower Varieties


Cannabis Indica is a strain that originates from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. These plants have adapted to the frequently changing, dry, and harsh climate of the Hindu Kush mountains. Indica plants are known for their sturdy, squat shape, lush foliage, and thick leaves that spread wide. They grow faster than Sativa plants and produce a more significant number of buds. The Indica varieties typically contain high levels of CBD, but this does not necessarily mean that the THC content is lower. Indica is highly valued for its calming properties, which may help reduce feelings of nausea and pain while increasing appetite. It is often consumed at night as it can induce deep relaxation. Some popular Indica strains include Granddaddy Purple, Ice Cream Cake, and Purple Punch.


Cannabis sativa is primarily located in regions with high temperatures, dry conditions, and extended periods of sunlight. The areas that are included are Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and parts of Western Asia. Sativa plants are tall and slender, characterized by leaves resembling fingers. They can reach a height of approximately 6 feet or 2 meters. Some other types of cannabis mature faster than others. Sativa typically contains less CBD and more THC, while indica generally has a higher CBD/THC ratio. Sativa strains frequently result in a mental stimulation or stimulating effect, which helps reduce anxiety. Due to its stimulating qualities, sativa is commonly employed during daylight hours. Common types of marijuana strains include Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, and Green Crack.


Hybrids are commonly cultivated on agricultural land or in controlled environments such as greenhouses by crossbreeding sativa and indica plants. The hybrid strain characteristics are determined by the combination of the two parent plants. Numerous hybrid marijuana plants are cultivated to boost the THC proportion, although each variant possesses a distinct ratio of the two cannabinoids. Farmers and producers choose hybrids for their specific impact. They can vary in their effects, from alleviating anxiety and stress to relieving symptoms caused by chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This is subject to the primary influences of the hybrid. Hybrids are a result of breeding the mentioned strains together and are usually categorized as indica-dominant (mostly indica), Sativa-dominant (mostly Sativa), or balanced.

the 3 types of cannabis strains explained - indica, sativa and hybrid.

Process for Strain-Specific Oils

More than 60% of cannabis customers are mainly focused on the traditional ways to use cannabis by smoking flower, and the main reason for that is that in flower, they find the complete terpene and cannabinoid synergy. Not many concentrated products can provide that experience, which is why the present focus in the concentrate market has shifted toward the newly developed products based on Live and bubble hash resins that are much closer to the natural plant sensation. Let’s walk through the main ways to create such high-demand products. 

Solventless extraction

a cannabis leaf in rainbow colors infusing with the background.Mechanical separation is used to extract trichomes, which are rich in cannabinoids, from the plant biomass without using solvents. This process involves using either dry sifting or the combination of cold water, ice, and intense agitation to separate the trichomes from the cannabis flower, which is how it acquired its name. The trichomes are separated from the biomass and water in a sieving process. This hash is then pressed at a high temperature to extract the oil. The advantage is that the experience closely resembles the original characteristics of the flower. Some drawbacks include the need for very potent flowers for optimal outcomes, low crop yields, and labor-intensive procedures. Additionally, post-processing might be necessary to remove waxes with a solvent, which contradicts the intention of having a solvent-free procedure, depending on the initial material used.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

The ideal dab products are commonly referred to as hydrocarbon products. Extracting hydrocarbons is an excellent choice if you want to produce live resin, diamonds, butter, crumble, and other similar substances. Hydrocarbons such as propane, butane, or hexane aid in maintaining the original characteristics of each strain by preserving the unique blend of cannabis flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The products derived from hydrocarbon extraction are generating significant interest, leading to their increasing popularity. The cost of setting up the necessary equipment for extracting hydrocarbons in C1D1 rooms and the high level of explosiveness prevent the creation of large systems, which is the main drawback of hydrocarbon extraction.

Aerosol Extraction

This technique has been employed and made famous by PURE5™ Extraction starting from the early 2000s. It is a superior choice compared to the other mentioned methods because it combines their benefits and removes their drawbacks. Because of its low boiling point, it operates similarly to CO2 and can be easily extracted and solvent fully recovered. This aerosol is a type of nonflammable gas that is a fluorinated hydrocarbon. It enables the processing of much bigger volumes and delivers more safely and cost-effectively.

In contrast to other techniques, this method does not extract wax and lipids and does not require winterization or extraction at extremely low temperatures. The process is secure, quick, and economically beneficial. At ambient temperature, R134a aerosol can draw out live resin and full-spectrum extracts, along with their valuable medicinal properties, at an affordable price without compromising quality. Because of the increased energy efficiency and faster processing, the expenses related to the system and operation of the R134a aerosol cannabis extraction process are significantly reduced.

Generic Solvent Properties

The extraction process‘s effectiveness relies on the solvent distinctive selectivity. Each solvent has distinct characteristics in the process due to its ability to dilute different organic compounds selectively. This is why each extraction technique generates specific extract types, and solventless methods, predominantly involving mechanical separation, have lower selectivity and purity levels. The post-processing stage requires information about the extraction process being used since it varies depending on the type of crude extract obtained.

In the diagram provided, we present a compilation of typical solvents utilized in extraction processes along with the prevalent components they dilute from the plant. It is crucial to acknowledge that the oils in cannabis are active compounds, and when extracting those components, it is necessary to carefully select the most suitable solvents in the field.

r134a extraction fillers for removal and remaining full spectrum oil - graphic

The extract from the plant can either be used directly in a product if it contains only Full Spectrum compounds and terpenes or it may need to undergo winterization and additional filtration depending on the extraction method. Furthermore, it may be necessary to reduce the levels of THC in the CBD market to meet regulatory requirements. Once the waxes have been eliminated, the extract can undergo distillation to be transformed into isolates that are employed in pharmaceutical preparations.

What Values to look for?

Maintaining high Terpene content

Terpenes are highly fragrant chemicals that give plants and herbs their distinct scents. They are a class of natural products consisting of compounds with the formula. They have been used in perfumes, medicines, and flavorings since ancient times. Terpenes are natural compounds synthesized from isoprene units, which can be five carbon atoms connected to 8 hydrogen atoms configured in strains or rings. The terpenes define the type of strain genotype and its medicinal behavior. By utilizing PURE5™ technology, we ensure that all available terpenes are conserved, preserving the natural essence of the extract.

Maintaining high antioxidant activity

Antioxidants are substances that can assist your body in defending against damaging free radicals associated with health issues such as diabetes and cancer. The cannabis plant contains a high concentration of flavonoids, specifically anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid compound. They can appear in various parts of higher plants, such as leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruits. They do not have a smell and mildly tighten the skin. An astringent, also known as adstringent, is a substance that causes the body tissues to contract. By utilizing PURE5™ technology, we ensure the antioxidant properties of these compounds are conserved, thus preserving the natural antioxidant values of the extract.

Maintaining high Bioavailability

There have been various methods available for extracting cannabis oils, and each method produces a different outcome. Maintaining the oil’s natural consistency and a neutral pH, which prevents oxidation, is essential. It is also crucial to preserve low-temperature compounds like enzymes, phenolics, and flavonoids and avoid the loss of active components such as terpenes and cannabinoids during extraction. We enhance the worth of these compounds by using PURE5 technology to maintain the extract’s bioavailability.

Mitigating Mold and Yeast

The evidence gathered indicates that using the PURE5™ Extraction method with R134a aerosol significantly reduces the presence of mold and yeast by more than 1000 times compared to the initial contaminated substance. We offer an additional organic and pure method to restore the polluted plant by transforming it into a specific strain of terpene-rich Hash Resin™ extract.

Preserving Natural Color

marijuana leaf abstract-background psychedelic weed cannabisTo ensure that the extraction is strain-specific, it is necessary to thoroughly comprehend the flower, the solvent, and the extraction method employed. The purest method of extracting plants involves using fully developed strains and extracting them at ambient temperature with our highly inert solvent. That way, we ensure that the original components are not changed during the process. Our use of PURE5™ technology ensures that we maintain the natural color and presence of high-quality compounds, keeping the extract completely natural.

Making Outstanding Products


Medicinal, recreational, or therapeutic benefits can be derived from drugs that are acquired legally. Medical practitioners prescribe medications to address particular health ailments. Some medicines include antibiotics, pain relievers, anti-depressants, and treatments for long-term medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Full Body Plant Extracts

These types of extracts are obtained from different plant components, including leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and seeds. These extracts have multiple applications, including medicinal, therapeutic, or cosmetic uses. The properties of the extract can be significantly affected by the specific plant parts used and the methods used for extraction.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements refer to nutritional supplements derived from plants or extracts of plants. They have a range of applications, which may include enhancing well-being, promoting specific bodily functions, or dealing with particular health issues. For many centuries, herbal supplements have been utilized in various traditional medicine practices across different cultures globally. Their popularity persists because they are believed to offer natural and comprehensive advantages. Below are a few essential details regarding herbal supplements.


The extracted oil with PURE5™ technology is entirely strain-specific, potent, and can be readily incorporated into various products without further processing. That saves money and time while preserving the terpenes, natural antioxidants, and PH levels promoted in the plant. Those types of extracts are the new wave of medicinal and recreational extracts that the consumer is looking for. 

George Stantchev, PhD


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