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Unlocking the Potential of Using Cannabis Terpenes to Treat COVID-19: Promising Results and Safety Considerations

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Dr. George Stantchev
Dr. George Stantchev

PHD, MBA, MSEE, Entrepreneur and CEO of most innovative extraction technology company.

A groundbreaking study examining the efficacy of a unique cannabis terpene formulation, NT-VRL, for the treatment of viral infections, including COVID-19, has revealed early promising results. The Israeli in vivo study focuses on NT-VRL’s effectiveness in treating inflammatory conditions, specifically the cytokine storm syndrome associated with COVID-19.

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Cannabis & COVID-19

Successful Results Treating Inflammation

The early results from the study show that the terpene formulation combined with CBD is twice as effective than CBD alone and a common corticosteroid treatment for inflammation, Dexamethasone. The developers of the formulation say the results show that terpenes play an important medical role and are not just for flavor and fragrance.

Cytokine storms impact cell communication and can both promote and deter inflammation – when released in large amounts, they can cause multisystem organ failure. Recent studies have provided evidence that CBD may reduce cytokine storm and inflammation in COVID-19.

For this study, the compounds used in testing were the specially formulated Eybna NT-VRL, as well as CBD, and Dexamethasone as the positive control. The study, conducted on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from healthy donors, induced inflammation using lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and performed cytotoxicity tests prior to a cytokine storm experiment to ensure cell viability in the testing concentrations.

The compounds were tested individually as well as in combination, where their percentage of cytokines inhibition was compared to the positive control. The findings revealed that the addition of CBD together with the Eybna NT-VRL formulation provided the highest inhibition of cytokines.

Professor Dedi Meiri, Chairman & CSO at CannaSoul, said: “MyPlant-Bio’s (Cannasoul’s Subsidiary) Cytokine Storm Assay is a well-established preclinical in-vitro, or practically ex-vivo, assay. It provides an evaluation of Cytokine Storm Syndrome with human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The goal of this study was to assess the effect of Eybna NT-VRL terpene formulation on cytokine secretion.

“NT-VRL terpene formulation showed significant anti-inflammatory effect which contributed to a functional immunological response in vitro.”

Nadav Eyal, Co-Founder & CEO at Eybna, added: “The preliminary results were highly positive. Demonstrating significant anti-inflammatory activity of terpenes and breaking the perception that terpenes are just flavorings and fragrances compounds with a placebo effect.

“Utilizing Eybna’s proprietary technology of biological data mining, data processing, and formulation design, allowed us to develop our data-driven NT-VRL formulation effectively targeting specific health conditions. This is opening a new world for synergistically-effective natural formulations – holding therapeutic capabilities in which single active pharmaceutical ingredients will have difficulties to match.”

At PURE5™, we have attained a high-level dynamo in which terpene profiles can be leveraged to target specific end-user outcomes. In one instance, botanical terpenes are combined to form a specific terpene profile providing enhanced end-user effects and/or a unique flavor. Our Dry Flower Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) does this justice.

In contrast, our Fresh Flower Live Resin Oil (LRO) product line is made possible by our state-of-the-art extraction process in which all naturally occurring terpene profiles are captured, providing the end-user with a true, fresh flower oil in which the terpene profiles and other oil content are derived directly from the plant.

Unlocking the Potential of Cannabis Terpenes: Safety, Key Considerations, and Ongoing Research:

In summary, the NT-VRL terpene formulation shows promise in treating inflammatory conditions related to COVID-19, highlighting the broader potential of cannabis terpenes. The study challenges the perception of terpenes as mere additives, emphasizing their significant anti-inflammatory effects. Addressing safety concerns, adverse effects, individual differences, and the dose-response relationship becomes crucial as we explore the therapeutic capabilities of these natural formulations for using cannabis to treat COVID-19. Ongoing research is imperative for a comprehensive understanding of safety profiles and optimal use in COVID-19 management.

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Cannabis Terpenes for Covid-19

Frequent Questions About Using Cannabis to Treat COVID-19:

What are the safety concerns associated with using cannabis terpenes to treat COVID-19?

Safety concerns related to the utilization of diverse hemp terpenes for treating COVID-19 involve potential interactions with existing medications and the variability in individual responses. Preliminary studies indicate promising results, but it is recommended to consult professionals before integrating diverse terpenes into the treatment plan. The quality and source of diverse terpene products, including those from innovative companies like PURE5™, play a significant role in ensuring safety.

What are the adverse effects that can be caused by employing various terpenes for COVID-19 management?

Adverse effects associated with using various terpenes for COVID-19 treatment are not fully understood at present, highlighting the necessity for comprehensive research. Individuals may experience side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, or changes in mood. It is crucial to monitor and promptly report any adverse reactions to healthcare providers. Recognizing individual variations in response is key to tailoring treatments with various terpenes, minimizing potential negative effects.

How do individual differences impact the effectiveness of diverse terpenes for managing COVID-19?

Individual differences, encompassing genetic makeup and health conditions, can influence the effectiveness of diverse hemp terpenes for COVID-19 management. Factors such as metabolism, tolerance, and pre-existing medical conditions may impact how individuals respond to treatments with various terpenes. Personalized approaches, guided by professionals, are essential to optimize therapeutic benefits and address individual variations in treatment response.

What is the dose-response relationship for different terpenes and their effectiveness against COVID-19?

Determining the optimal dose-response relationship for different canna terpenes in combating COVID-19 requires careful consideration of various factors, including symptom severity, individual differences, and product formulations. Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in tailoring dosage regimens based on specific patient needs. It is crucial to initiate treatments with lower doses, monitor responses, and adjust accordingly to strike a balance between effectiveness and minimizing potential side effects.

What are the long-term effects of using an array of cannabis terpenes to treat COVID-19?

Utilizing various cannabis terpenes for treating COVID-19 has been conclusively associated with substantial anti-inflammatory properties. The initial results from studies indicate a pronounced impact on reducing inflammation, providing a valuable tool in managing the inflammatory conditions associated with the virus. This anti-inflammatory effect is crucial, given that inflammation, especially in the form of cytokine storms, plays a significant role in the severity of COVID-19. These promising early findings suggest that cannabis terpenes contribute significantly to mitigating the inflammatory response, thereby potentially enhancing the overall treatment effectiveness for COVID-19.

While these anti-inflammatory properties are promising, ongoing research is crucial for understanding the long-term impact of cannabis terpenes in COVID-19 treatment on cognitive function, respiratory health, and overall well-being. Monitoring and reporting effects are vital for a comprehensive understanding of terpenes‘ safety profile in managing the virus.

What interactions can occur between a mix of terpenes and other medications in COVID-19 treatment?

1 Covid jar with corona virus stated as a name and one with another drug plus background with leafes of pure cultivated cannabis by Pure5.Considering the inclusion of hemp terpenes in COVID-19 treatment is important, but rest assured, these natural compounds are known to be harmless and can enhance the effectiveness of medications without interference. Extensive evidence supports the positive impact of terpenes in COVID-19 treatment, providing a safe and beneficial approach. Maintaining open communication with healthcare providers remains essential to maximize the benefits of terpenes without unnecessary concerns.

Recommendations for Using a Variety of Terpenes for COVID-19 Management:

In navigating the utilization of diverse terpenes for COVID-19 management, a set of comprehensive recommendations emerges as a crucial guide for individuals seeking to incorporate terpene-based treatments into their healthcare regimen.

  1. Consultation with Healthcare Professionals:
    Doctor approving Pure For Life cannabidion oil made by PURE with a bottle of cbd oil and a canna leaf.It is paramount to initiate any terpene-based treatments under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Before incorporating diverse terpenes, individuals should engage in thorough consultations with healthcare providers to ensure personalized recommendations based on their unique health conditions, medical history, and potential interactions with existing medications.This approach aligns with the commitment of companies like PURE5™, a leading cannabis extraction equipment company, to prioritize user safety and well-being. By consulting with healthcare professionals, individuals can make informed decisions about integrating PURE5™’s solventless extraction technology, known for its superior preservation of cannabinoid terpenes and overall plant extract health value.
  2. Product Source and Quality Assurance:
    Selecting terpene products from reputable and trustworthy sources is fundamental. To safeguard against safety concerns and ensure optimal effectiveness, individuals are advised to obtain terpene products from reliable sources known for their commitment to quality assurance and adherence to industry standards. PURE5™ stands out in this aspect, providing equipment that utilizes solventless extraction with R134A. This unique approach ensures the preservation of important cannabinoid terpenes, offering users a natural, safe, and high-quality terpene source for their COVID-19 management regimen. It includes verifying the purity, concentration, and overall quality of the terpene formulations, making PURE5™ a trusted choice for those seeking excellence in cannabis extraction technology.
  3. Adherence to Recommended Dosages:
    To optimize therapeutic benefits and mitigate potential adverse effects, strict adherence to recommended dosages is imperative. Healthcare professionals play a pivotal role in determining appropriate dosage regimens tailored to individual needs. Initiating treatments with lower doses and gradually adjusting based on observed responses facilitates a balanced approach between effectiveness and safety.
  4. Regular Monitoring and Reporting:
    Individuals using diverse terpenes for COVID-19 management should engage in regular monitoring of their health status. Prompt reporting of any adverse effects or changes in symptoms to healthcare providers ensures timely intervention and adjustment of treatment plans if necessary. Open communication fosters a collaborative approach between patients and healthcare professionals in optimizing the therapeutic outcome.
  5. Follow-Up with Healthcare Providers:
    Regular follow-ups with healthcare providers form an integral component of responsible terpene use. These follow-ups allow healthcare professionals to assess treatment effectiveness, address emerging concerns, and make any necessary adjustments to the terpene-based treatment plan. The collaborative relationship between individuals and healthcare providers, along with inquiries related to innovative extraction technologies like those offered by PURE5™, contributes to the overall success of the treatment journey.

By incorporating these recommendations into the management of COVID-19 with diverse terpenes, individuals can navigate their treatment journey with informed decision-making and a commitment to safety and efficacy.

What are the most reliable sources of information about a diverse range of terpenes for COVID-19?

The most reliable sources for information on a diverse range of cannabis terpenes for COVID-19 include reputable medical journals, healthcare professionals, health organizations, and educational blogs like PURE5’s. Peer-reviewed studies and evidence-based information provide a solid foundation for understanding the potential benefits and risks. Consulting healthcare providers and exploring trustworthy blogs ensures access to accurate, personalized information tailored to individual health needs.

What specific areas of research are needed to further our understanding of the potential benefits and risks of assorted terpenes for COVID-19?

Areas of research needed to advance our understanding of assorted terpenes for COVID-19 include rigorous clinical trials, investigating optimal dosage regimens, exploring potential drug interactions, and evaluating long-term effects. Comprehensive studies examining the specific mechanisms through which assorted terpenes interact with the virus and the immune system will contribute valuable insights. Collaborative efforts between researchers, healthcare professionals, and regulatory bodies are essential for conducting high-quality research.

What are the challenges and limitations of conducting research on a mixture of terpenes?

Researching terpenes for COVID-19 faces challenges like regulations, limited funds, and complex terpene nature. These hurdles, including regulatory barriers and financial constraints, impede large trials. The complex interplay of cannabinoids, terpenes, and individual responses complicates isolating specific effects. Overcoming these challenges needs support for research funding, regulatory reforms, and collaboration to improve study quality and reliability.

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