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PURE5™ announces the New MAX in the extraction of Live Resin

a full spectrum cbd cannabis terpene resin liquid


Dr. George Stantchev
Dr. George Stantchev

PHD, MBA, MSEE, Entrepreneur and CEO of most innovative extraction technology company.

Industry-leading plant extraction and post-processing PURE5™ released a new machine for raw cannabis oil extraction and flower remediation called The MAX.  

Why MAX?

The new 20L MAX cannabis extractor is twice faster than the standard 20L unit that has been on the market for over 7 years. The MAX delivers room temperature extracted live resin and as post winterized terpene rich oil in one pass without exposing to harmful or controlled chemicals including etanol, oil is ready to formulate in products.

Double the production output by lowering the time by a half and being on the market with the safest technology in the same day is a very significant offering. You can do it with the PURE5™ technology and we double it with the MAX. Creating a pure live resin ready to pump in dab darts and vape pens without any degradation of terpenes, cannabinoids and color.

Top 5 Extraction Technologies

Utilization of alcohol, butane, water, ethanol, etc are some common methods of cannabis extraction that solve one but create another issue in the process. All of these processes are used to separate cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and the products extracted are substantially different. Each extraction method carries its pros and cons which we will explain below.

Ethanol Extraction

It is one of the most popular extraction methods, not because it is easy to perform but because it is affordable to get. The process of extraction is quick and efficient. Cannabis Extraction has become more affordable with Ethanol Extraction. To execute a Better Ethanol Extraction process, the Cannabis Plant is soaked in the ethanol to extract the THC and CBD. Once it gets extracted, the extraction is put through a lengthy refining procedure that ultimately improves the product purity. In order to remove the solvent during the process, the temperature often exceeds 100C which creates a negative effect on the extract that is losing the most volatiles called terpenes. 

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction equipment is very popular for dry plant extraction. It is a non-toxic and environment-friendly process that helps in separating the cannabis oils from cannabis. The highly sophisticated extraction process doesn’t leave any traces of toxins in the extract and the method is used in different industries like Beer, Tea, Coffee, etc. 

The process involves heating of the CO2 to around 100C and pressurizing it to around 600 atmospheres and then it passes through the flower.Then the liquid extracted from the process passes through a separator that removes the traces of CO2 from trichomes. It is an eco-friendly process that has become very popular nowadays. 

Butane Honey Oil Extraction

Butane honey oil (BHO) extraction is an advanced extraction method and can also be used in different industries. The equipment is placed in a safety cage (C1D1 room) prior to the process of extraction. Another container is used to collect the cannabinoids and butane. 

Later the mixture is left to be evaporated and a vacuum is utilized to remove all the butane from the mixture. Take note that BHO extraction can be extremely dangerous due to the high flammability.

PURE5™ Extraction

PURE5™ is the most advanced extraction method that uses a modified non flammable hydrocarbon with very low boiling point and small molecule size that bares all the benefits of BHO and behaves as CO2 while it behaves as cold ethanol and you do you do not need to winterize 

ICE Water Extraction

Water extraction uses the solvent-free method which ultimately submerges the cannabis in the cold water. The plant gets stirred in the freezing water that leads to the trichomes separating from the plant. This is a very clean method but can be applied to flowers only and the efficiency is very low.

Top 5 Purchasing Tips

Do you want to purchase THC Extraction and Remediation Equipment? If yes, you have to be very careful while investing in such equipment. Please, keep the following points in mind.


When you are going to purchase cannabis extraction equipment, you have to look into the fact which type of extraction process is used during the extraction as they all produce different results and require a different process. There are different types of extraction processes available such as carbon-dioxide extraction, ethanol extraction, hydrocarbon extraction and many more. Understanding which type of extraction process is particularly used by the equipment is important.


Make sure to check the output efficiency of the machine. Output efficiency means how fast the machine can execute the process of CBD extraction and the particular quantity it can execute. Suppose, the output efficiency of the machine is not up to mark; in this case, it means that you should invest in such machines.


Pricing is one of the major factors in a purchase but at the same time you have to understand the process and how much it will cost you to make the product. Very often a low cost machine will require more post processing work that will cost you in times the machine in labor and consumable charges. Such is the case with the Ethol equipment. Usually half the cost of the other systems but with very intense post processing and loss of solvent. 

Also you have to check the quality of the machines and the documentation it comes with it. There are companies that can provide you the entire process so you can have a quality product immediately after the installation. That process includes the machines and the procedures on how to make the products. Talk to your vendor and understand their process and support. 


Certification ensures the reliability and safety of the equipment. Each extraction technology requires different certifications. If the machines you are going to buy are not certified; it means that there may be safety and reliability issues. However, if you want to purchase a machine that involves higher efficiency, in this case, you need to make sure that the machine is certified.


While purchasing a machine, make sure that the company involves proper customer care support. Every known brand with history in the field maintains tech support people and ensures the operation of the machines.

About PURE5™

PURE5™ offers a cutting edge technology that you can get a post winterized terpene rich oil in one pass. The oil is ready to formulate in products right off the extraction. There are various sizes machines for processing fitting various daily throughputs ranging from 20L to 1000L per hour volume.

PURE5™ also offers a cutting edge THC remediation technology for producing compliant oils. There are various sizes of THC remediation systems ranging from 5L to 500L daily processing volume.

PURE5™ also offers a complete vertically integrated lab design and provides the complete SOP package necessary to sell a top of the line product under its PBX Standard program. We offer vacuum and convection ovens, distillation machines and teaching how to make products in days.

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