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Limit the Oxidation Process During Extraction

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Dr. George Stantchev
Dr. George Stantchev

PHD, MBA, MSEE, Entrepreneur and CEO of most innovative extraction technology company.

When it comes to the extraction of cannabis, the oxidation process during extraction creates unwanted by-products that are called artificial cannabinoids and plays a crucial role in preserving the natural terpene profiles and maximizing the overall quality of the extracted oils. In this article, we will explore the innovative process of Pure Botanical Extraction (PBX™) developed by PURE5™ Extraction to create fully natural oils with no oxydation. This unique process allows for the creation of pure terpene-rich oils, called Hash Resin™, which maintain a high strain-specific terpene profile native to the original cannabis strain.

Understanding Aerosol Extraction 

PURE5™ Extraction has introduced a unique Pure Botanical Extraction (PBX™) process that employs a gentle and non-destructive botanical extraction method. This process concentrates and suspends terpenes in natural oils from plants, creating Hash Resin™ that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids in their natural state. By utilizing high terpene hemp or cannabis flowers, coupled with the PBX™ process, it becomes possible to achieve the highest terpene concentrations in the extracted oils.

Adapting the Extraction Method

Extracted Cannabis Oil with canna leaves and seeds spread on a tableThe extraction procedure can be adapted to extract dominant terpenes while suppressing other cannabinoids such as THC or CBD. When cannabis strains are cultivated to increase the whole spectrum of terpenes in the flowers, the extraction process selectively isolates the main and minor terpenes characteristic of the blooms. This is achieved through the use of a low-pressure, room-temperature, non-polar aerosol R134a, capturing every potential terpene along with flavonoids and ketones. The result is an explosion of flavor and scents in the extracted oils.

Terpenes in Hemp Flowers

Certain terpenes, such as myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene, pinene, and linalool, occur more frequently in hemp flowers. Therefore, even trace amounts of these terpenes, when extracted from strains like Lifter, contribute to a more complex floral profile with greater entourage effects. Additional terpenes, including trans-ocimene, terpinolene, and limonene, have also been identified in the plant profile of hemp. These terpenes further enhance the unique characteristics of the extracted oils.

Terpene Profiles and Concentration 

To showcase the effectiveness of the PBX™ process, a comparison was made between the terpene profile of the original Lifter strain flower and the terpene profiles of sequentially extracted Live Resin and Full Spectrum Oil using aerosol R134a with PBX™. The products extracted in this manner are commonly referred to as Hash Resin™. In the Live Resin extraction, the terpenes were over 33% concentrated compared to the flower, while in the Full Spectrum Oil extraction, the concentration exceeded 5%. The cannabinoids maintained their original ratios in both cases.

The Live Resin extracted terpene profile mirrors the exact flower terpene profile but in a concentrated form, approximately 30 times stronger. Similarly, the Full Spectrum Oil is four times more concentrated due to the higher cannabinoid presence, ranging from 80-85%. Moreover, the PBX™ process revealed the presence of two additional terpenes that were undetectable in the original flower. The low-temperature extraction process ensures that no terpenes are destroyed, and no new by-products are created.

Enhancing Cannabis Products and Quality 

The terpene oils, particularly Live Resin, can be added to various cannabis products such as distillate, isolate, or crude extracts that lack the original terpene profile. By incorporating Live Resin, these products can be infused with enhanced flavors and ensemble effects, replicating the unique characteristics of the original strain. Each extract obtained through the PBX™ process comes with a chain of custody that traces back to the original cultivar, ensuring transparency and accountability.

lab with jars of cbd oil on the left side and Quality Controle Ensured writing in the right sideAt PURE5™ Extraction, quality control is of utmost importance. All extracts undergo rigorous third-party testing for cannabinoids, terpenes, residual solvents, inhalable microbiological contamination, and pesticides. This ensures that the extracted oils meet the highest standards of purity and safety.

Advantages of PBX™ over Traditional Methods 

Unlike most concentrated botanically sourced terpenes available in the market, which are often extracted using steam and pull a limited spectrum of terpenes, PBX™ delivers 100% natural components directly from the flower. This process eliminates the need for alcohol or triglyceride oils at lower concentrations. Furthermore, traditional extraction methods such as rosin heat, CO2, and ethanol can create by-products due to their aggressive oxidative nature. In contrast, PBX™ maintains the natural integrity of the extracted oils by preventing oxidation and preserving their medicinal and therapeutic values.

Preserving Antioxidant Activity 

One significant advantage of PBX™ is that due the extremely inert nature of the aerosol R134a and the airless environment it minimizes oxidation during the extraction process. Some polar solvents like ethanol and CO2 used in extraction, can oxidize the active components, leading to the formation of unwanted by-products. This oxidation alters the natural pH of the extract and reduces its antioxidant activities. The naturality and medicinal value of botanical products are closely linked to their ability to suppress free radicals in the body, which is indicative of their natural antioxidant activity. By minimizing oxidation, PBX™ ensures that the extracts maintain their optimal antioxidant properties.


The oxidation process during cannabis extraction is a critical factor in preserving the terpene profiles and maximizing the quality of extracted oils. Through the innovative PBX™ technique developed by PURE5™ Extraction, it is now possible to obtain Hash Resin™, a pure terpene-rich oil that retains the high strain-specific terpene profile native to the original cannabis strain. By employing a gentle and non-destructive extraction process, PBX™ concentrates and suspends terpenes in natural oils, resulting in an explosion of flavors and scents. With strict quality control measures and the preservation of antioxidant activity, PBX™ stands as a superior choice for achieving exceptional cannabis extracts with unparalleled purity and therapeutic value.

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