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Cannabis & Hemp Extraction Services

CBD Extraction:

Not all CBD is the same. The quality of a certain CBD product depends on the seeds used, the way a cannabis hemp plant is grown and finishes with the most important: the extraction method. Finding a high-quality pure CBD product you can always rely on is a pure treasure, and the method of extraction is essеntial to the quality of the CBD products.

Knowing where your product came from and how exactly it was manufactured will give you a better understanding for what CBD products will actually have the best effect on you. Purity, quality or potency – all of them depend on the method of extraction. Pure5™’s hemp plant is made from a high breed USA grown sativa cannabis with the highest quality and purity. The extractor machine systems that we use are with patent-pending new extraordinary Pure 5 technology. Our process for extraction uses low temperature and low pressure with zero chemicals leaving the final product in perfect condition – with no odors, smells and with 99.99% purity – the best on the market available.

What Exactly Is a CBD Extract?

a pure cbd extract flowing as a liquid downside CBD is also known as cannabidiol – the most important of many compounds found in the natural hemp and cannabis sativa plants. CBD extract is related to the process that comes from extracting the sought after cannabinoids from the hemp plant. We have to consider the whole different spectrums of CBD that can be produced in result: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. The CBD extract is the extracted solution from hemp and cannabis sativa plants. The extracting machines that Pure 5 Comerg™ manufacture are made with innovative hight performance technology that delivers the highest purity at the lowest cost for the manufacturer. They are easy to use, designed with automate hands free programs for the best convenience and hight durability. Thanks to it Comerg™ is the lead extractor manifacturer in the market.

After the process of extraction if over the product is transformed into final consumable or applicable products. Pure5™’s raw extracted products are of the purest nature and highest quality because of our ingenious patent pending technology discovered by Dr. George Stantchev. Our products are laboratory tested, we guarantee a 100% satisfaction.

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