Cryogenic Solvent Extraction for Cannabis

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Cannabis extraction is a critical process in the production of cannabis concentrates. The market is saturated with various extraction methods, ranging from solvent to solventless extractions. Cryogenic extraction is one of the popular methods for producing high-quality cannabis extracts. However, the aerosol (R134a) solventless extraction is proving to be a superior method for producing cleaner, […]

Which apparatus is used in solvent extraction?

Pure5 Extraction's extraction apparatus successfully extracts solvent from cannabis, producing high-quality end products every time.

Apparatus Used in Solvent Extraction The most common apparatus used in solvent extraction is the closed-loop system. This system consists of several components including an extractor, condenser, collection vessel, vacuum pumps and chillers. This system relies on a specific temperature range and pressure that allows the solvent to bond with the desired compounds without damaging […]

Pure 5 Presents: The Complete Cannabis Processing Equipment

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Welcome to the world of cannabis extraction. At Pure5, we believe in the power of clean, solventless extraction. That’s why we design and manufacture THC remediation systems and everything your business needs. LPE Systems:  Our low-pressure extraction systems, or LPE systems, are fully automated and human safe. We use a patented aerosol-based technology to extract […]

The Pros and Cons of Solvent Extraction: A Guide of Choosing the Right Equipment

Choosing the right solvent extraction apparatus for your needs

Introduction Solvent extraction is a widely used preferred method in the cannabis industry to extract cannabinoids such as THC and CBD from the otherwise raw plant material. This method involves dissolving the desired compounds in a solvent and then separating them from the plant material. While the so called solvent extraction is a powerful tool […]

Cannabis Extraction Gear

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Comparison (Cons & Pros) The five primary used methods for cannabis extraction are CO2 (SFE), ethanol, hydrocarbon, iced water (bubble hash), and R134a aerosol cannabis extraction by PURE5. The following article explains all types of machineries and post processing equipment used in each extraction process. The five essential strategies for cannabis extraction within the industry […]

The Art of THC Distillation

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A Comprehensive Guide THC distillation is a process that separates the various components of a cannabis extract into separate, purified compounds. By refining THC to its purest form, it is possible to produce a highly potent and pure concentrate that can be used for a variety of purposes, including consumption, edibles, tinctures, and more. In […]

The Myth of Solventless Extraction

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In order to understand the making of concentrates one should comprehend the principles of numerous extraction processes, as well as to understand post-processing and the standards of making concentrated products. This knowledge is hard to achieve only by reading the internet. Traditionally working for an extract manufacturer or lab has been the only way to […]

Extracting Medicinal Mushrooms

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The rapid evolution of the environment in which we live in, introduces novel diseases every single day which are harder and harder to treat. Our constantly changing surroundings and technological emphasis frequently reduce our body capacity to fight off these diseases as our immune systems deteriorate. The majority of medications used in modern medicine are […]

How to make money in the competitive cannabis market during recession?

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What is Changing? Understanding the customer The world is changing daily. The world economy is affected by market, pandemics, customs, ethnicity, religion, politics, etc. Whatever worked years ago will not be applicable now. The customer gets more educated and in many cases influenced by convenience.  There are normal cycles in the economy that drive the […]