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3 in 1 Process Delivers 6 Outstanding Products

Fully automated process that includes 3 machines:

  1. 20L Extraction System
  2. 5L THC Remediation
  3. 6” Wipe Film Distillation

20L Extraction Machine

5L THC Remediation machine

6” Wipe Film Distillation machine


Create 6 high value products in less than 24 hours: 

  1. Isolated Terpenes
  2. Live Resin
  3. Full Spectrum Concentrate
  4. Broad Spectrum Concentrate
  5. Broad Spectrum Distillate
  6. Broad Spectrum Crumble

Isolated Terpenes solutionLive Resin productsome of Full Spectrum Concentrate solutionA Broad Spectrum Concentrate from CBDa broad spectrum destillate from cbd in a jara solution from CBD broad spectrum crumble
Isolated TerpenesLive ResinFull SpectrumBroad SpectrumT-Free DistillateT-Free Crumble

Fully automated! Everyone can do it! No previous extraction knowledge required!

Simple 3 steps: Extraction -> THC Remediation -> Distillation

Extremely reliable, Easy to use and Low cost solution for any volume

Now the 3 in 1 system only for $199,000


George Stantchev, PhD 

(602) 992-0744