Amazing New Tech!

PURE5 Extractions had a NOCO all day demos at booth 339 and we  personally invited all to join us for this event! In addition to giving demos of our Super Terpene Live Resin System, we also served soft drinks and more. See how we are changing the extraction technology paradigm. We look forward seeing you on our next meeting too.

High Terpene Live Resin created in single step

20L Extraction

Fully automated, sinle run, closed loop system

6" Distillation

1-7 L/h quick stainless still distillation system.

5L Isomerization

Isomerize any plant molecule.

Non-flammable hydrocarbon used in extraction of Live Resin!

Come to see how we do it in any scale 40 to 4000 lb/day:

We own the worldwide IP of the R134a extraction technology and many more. Stop to talk to us and learn what we offer for the industry: