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Experience the future of extraction technology with PURE5™. Our Super Terpene Live Resin System is revolutionizing the industry, and we want to show you how. Our team will be providing live demos of our cutting-edge technology, allowing you to witness firsthand the superior quality of our extracts compared to traditional methods. Join us and see how we’re changing the paradigm of extraction technology and learn more about our innovative approach. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – join us for our next meeting and discover the endless possibilities with PURE5™.

High Terpene Live Resin created in single step

Create high terpene live resin in 1 step with our advanced system.

High Terpene Live Resin
High Terpene Live Resin

Explore Our Cutting-Edge Equipment:

20L Extraction

Fully automated, single run, closed-loop system for efficient extraction.

6" Distillation

1-7 L/h quick stainless still distillation system, ideal for cannabis conversion.

5L Isomerization

 Isomerize any plant molecule with our specialized equipment.

Non-flammable hydrocarbon used in extraction of Live Resin!

Discover how we utilize non-flammable hydrocarbon in the extraction of live resin. Visit us to see firsthand how we implement this innovative technique in various scales, ranging from 40 to 4000 lb/day. Experience the benefits of fast processing, low capital expenditure, and exceptional quality in every extract.

Key Features of PURE5™ Extraction:

We are proud owners of worldwide intellectual property rights for the R134a extraction technology and more. Stop by to talk to our experts and discover the comprehensive solutions we offer to revolutionize the industry. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your extraction operations with PURE5™.