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What is CRC in Cannabis Extraction?

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Dr. George Stantchev
Dr. George Stantchev

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Color Remediation Columns (CRC) in Cannabis Extraction

Ever wonder how cannabis extracts are made? Well, as the cannabis industry grows, folks discover new methods, such as using filters called Color Remediation Columns (CRC). Let’s discuss CRC, what it does, and how it impacts cannabis extracts.

Understanding CRC Technology

In simpler terms, CRC technology, also known as Color Remediation Column, involves using a steel cylinder packed with various filtering materials like sand, silica, or activated charcoal to cleanse cannabis extracts. This process not only removes undesirable elements like bad odors and pesticides but also transforms the concentrate’s color from dark brown or black to a more appealing gold or white shade.

Two hands holding little bottles with CBD Extracts before and after it has passed through the CRC filter for cannabis extraction.

Detecting the use of CRC in a cannabis product isn’t straightforward, as testing for CRC is not mandatory in laboratories, and legal dispensaries are not obligated to disclose its use. Each producer may have their unique CRC method, employing different filtration media such as silica, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and Magnesol.

The Basics of CRC Filter

CRC systems typically consist of a bottom filter and a paper filter above, utilizing media like silica gel, activated charcoal, synthetic magnesium, and bleaching clays. Preparation involves heating and drying the media to prevent flow blockages during production.

Calculating the ratios of filter media depends on factors like the quality of plant mass and setup. Achieving the right flow rate is crucial for efficient filtration, balancing between removing impurities and avoiding overheating of the extraction system.

Why is CRC Used?

While CRC technology may be new to most consumers, it has gained popularity in the cannabis industry, with an estimated 90% of legal cannabis market players incorporating CRC methods. Beyond just color enhancement, some producers, especially in the illicit market, use CRC to improve the appeal of low-quality products by eliminating impurities and undesirable flavors.

Visual difference in CBD color between, before and after CRC filtration

Is CRC Safe?

Determining the safety of CRC technology remains challenging due to limited research. Potential concerns include respiratory damage from inhaling diatomaceous earth and bentonite clay, as well as the possible contamination of CRC media with substances like lead. However, ensuring clean CRC products through proper screening may alleviate these concerns.

How to Detect CRC Extracts?

Identifying CRC concentrates can be tricky, but there are clues. Solventless extracts, hash, or live rosin are safer options, as they cannot undergo CRC filtration. Aroma, flavor, and color are key indicators of CRC use, with a chemical smell, taste, and an excessively white color potentially signaling the use of CRC technology.

Flavor, aroma and color detection for CRC cannabis extracts.

Most Common Extracts:

Name Type of extract Name Type of extract
Distillate Solvent-based Budder Solvent-less
Crystals or Diamonds Solvent-based Wax Solvent-based
Rosin Solvent-less BHO Solvent-based

In Conclusion

If you’re not familiar with CRC, it’s important to trust your source. When buying, stick to trustworthy sellers and ask about the extraction process to feel more confident. In this context, PURE5™ stands out as a leading cannabis extraction equipment company, specializing in solventless extraction using the R134a method. Most of our R134a extractors are equipped with Color Remediation Column (CRC) filters, enhancing the quality of the extraction process. Our equipment ensures a safe and natural extraction, preserving the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. We offer a range of equipment for cannabis processing, providing comprehensive solutions from cultivation to the final product.

Remember, when it comes to cannabis extracts, trust your sources, and be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. If you’re interested in high-quality extracts or have additional tips, feel free to reach out through our contact page with any questions or thoughts you may have!

PURE5™: Your Trusted Partner in Cannabis Extraction Equipment

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