Meet Bryce Preston

PURE5™ Sales and Marketing Professional

Bryce Preston is a dedicated sales and marketing professional, proud father, and passionate innovator looking to shake up today’s market. With a deep love for both guitar and cannabis – which he discovered through his fiancé, Bryce is committed to providing creative solutions that meet the unique needs of modern businesses. As the Sales and Marketing Manager of the most innovative extraction technology company, Bryce brings a wealth of skills to the table, including a talent for spotting new trends, developing effective product placement, crafting winning business strategies, and creating sustainable infrastructures for organic growth. And with his keen interest in natural medicine, Bryce is uniquely positioned to offer the industry safe, production-ready processes for growing, harvesting, processing, and producing end products.

PURE5™ is the most innovative extraction company, we design and manufacture cost and process optimized extraction systems and applicable post processing stages. PURE5 Extraction is 25 years in manufacturing of botanical extraction systems. The company is developing natural extraction technologies utilizing its Low pressure, ambient temperature, Liquefied Gas Extraction proprietary technology, PURE5’s solution is cheaper, faster and better than the currently most popular CO2, ethanol and butane extraction technologies. Our revolutionary extraction method, which we’re calling Pure Botanical Extraction (PBX) process, is significantly safer, faster, cheaper, and produces a higher yield in shorter time than other conventional methods. Our machines are game changer because they use ambient temperature to process the material and can handle fragile natural ingredients with no degradation while preserving the natural potency of the oils. PURE5™ is actively investing in the field giving more opportunities to good products and manufacturers.

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